Is Custom Training Right for You?


Your employee training program is the backbone of your business. Without it, your employees would have no chance of success in your store. Therefore, you want to be sure you’re providing them with the best materials available in order to develop the skills they need. Implementing a learning management system (LMS) for your training is a great first step in giving your employees quality training, but your LMS may not come with all the training you need out of the box. Developing custom training is one way to fill in the gaps.

What Is Custom Training?

The curated content that comes with your LMS may not cover everything you need in the way that you need it. This is especially true for convenience stores that need industry-specific training on many compliance and customer service topics. Developing custom training is the best option when off-the-shelf just won’t do. Custom training can mean everything from taking your pre-existing training and adding it to your LMS to branding the provided content for your operation to full-scale production of custom training videos.

Three Common Misconceptions About Developing Custom Training

  1. It must be professional video production: When people think of custom training, often their first thought is of custom video production. While this is one of the many options available for developing custom training, it is not the only one. You can use training you’ve already created and reformat it to upload to the LMS. Even if you do want to create training videos, there are many options available aside from hiring a professional video company. You can even film the training yourself using your own phone.
  2. Custom training is expensive to create: If you want to go the professional video services route, then yes, developing custom training can be expensive. However, there are many options available that can fit within your budget. For example, you can adapt PDF documents to be read on screen or turn PowerPoint presentations into compatible video files to be used as training. As mentioned above, you can take advantage of the video camera in your cell phone to create your own training videos if you don’t want to hire professionals.
  3. Developing custom training is time consuming: This all depends on what kind of custom training you’re looking for – but it doesn’t always have to be time consuming. If you’re simply using training you already prepared, then it’s just a matter of adapting to a format that works with your LMS. Also, some LMS providers may offer professional services that will format your custom training for you, so it doesn’t take you any time at all.

When considering developing custom training it’s always a good idea to meet with representatives of your LMS provider to see what options they have available to you.

Benefits of Developing Custom Training

Developing custom training for your convenience store doesn’t just fill in the gaps that may exist in the content available through your LMS provider; it also benefits your store and your employees in several ways:

  • Reinforces store branding and company culture.
  • Ensures training upholds your corporate standards and values.
  • Delivers custom messaging to your employees.
  • Closes learning gaps with content provided by LMS provider.

Deliver Custom Training Through trainingGrid®​

trainingGrid®​ is an learning management system (LMS) developed with you and your employees in mind. Its intuitive design makes learning management simple and allows employees to begin training with just a click. This flexible system comes with a variety of robust features customizable to fit your needs in addition to built-in reporting and certification tools that track your compliance documentation.

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