Putting the “Service” Back into Foodservice


Foodservice is nothing new to convenience stores, but the trend has definitely accelerated in the past decade or so. It’s estimated that in today’s c-store industry, nine out of 10 stores offer some sort of food or beverage sales. Where growth is really being noticed is with stores offering food that is prepared on site. This goes way beyond the hot dog roller. C-stores are increasingly offering more diverse items, such as deli sandwiches, breakfast items, hamburgers, fresh pizza, grilled selections, salads, and soups.

The Food Service Success Formula

Restaurants rely on guest loyalty to keep their doors open. You have the same challenge when it comes to the long-term profitability of your c-store Foodservice segment. Guest loyalty is at the core of any restaurant’s success. Restaurants that simply provide a product and service will be left behind. Today you have to be “better than expected” versus “pretty good.” Guests have continued to become more selective and demanding. Satisfaction does not drive sales. Shooting for “satisfied” will spell demise. To thrive, restaurants have to aim higher.

To succeed as a quick-service restaurant – or a c-store competing with quick-service restaurants – you must deliver hospitality and a customized experience to every guest. While they may only be at your counter for a few minutes, the experience needs to be unique.  The success formula is simple to remember: S.H.A.Q.:

Speed. Guests want it quick — that’s why they’re at your counter and not a sit-down restaurant. They have a need for speed, but not at the expense of other components.

Hospitality. Not only is it what you say, it’s how you say it. Hospitality screams: “We care!” It drives loyalty and frequency. It’s the emotional attachment you make with guests.

Accuracy. Deliver what guests want to buy, not what the company wants to sell. Guests are demanding and special requests have become the norm.

Quality. Expectations have risen in the eyes of guests. Competitors continue to offer fresher, higher quality food. Guests want value and quality — period.

The formula is easy, but executing it each and every day takes training and practice.

C-Store & Foodservice Training

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