What’s Your Time Management Style?


Just like all convenience store managers have a leadership style, they also have a time management style. While there are some tried-and-true time management tactics, everyone manages their time differently, and that’s okay. Take a look at these different time management styles. Which one fits you?

The List Maker

People who follow this time management style write everything down, and if it’s not on their list, it probably won’t get done. This style is sometimes born out of necessity. If a person is easily overwhelmed or naturally forgetful, making a list and sticking to it is a means of survival. Or, the List Maker may just be a control-freak. The biggest challenge for List Makers is flexibility, but they can overcome that if they leave space on their list for unexpected tasks.

The Busy Bee

Busy Bee time managers thrive on managing multiple tasks at one time. They can effectively jump from one project to another without losing track and can easily pick up wherever they left off. People who follow the Busy Bee time management style are comfortable in high-energy environments. Flexibility is their strong suit, but they can sometimes let details slip through the cracks.

The Delegator

Delegation is a critical time management strategy no matter what type of manager you are. For some, though, it is their go-to position for most tasks. These people are typically big picture thinkers who are excellent at seeing the light at the end of the tunnel without necessarily knowing how to navigate to, or through, the tunnel in the first place.

The Perfectionist

Perfectionist time managers approach minutes in the day with surgical precision. They strategize and prioritize to ensure no detail is forgotten. Because they are so systematic in their approach, they’re not likely to share tasks and often have high expectations of their teammates. While this may be challenging for others to deal with, it can actually serve to elevate the productivity of the entire team.

The Pressure Cooker

From the outside, Pressure Cooker time managers may seem like they’re overwhelmed and in over their heads. In reality, though, people who follow this time management style do their best work when they have a full day with a deadline at the end of it. It may be hard for other people to keep up with this type of time manager, but if you can, you’re in for quite a ride.

Time Management Training

No matter what type of time management style you follow, you’ll benefit from general time management training to help you meet deadlines and find balance if your life.

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