Become a Charging Destination


As electric vehicles become more popular, the need for charging stations increases. Like traditional gas pumps, electric vehicle (EV) chargers give travelers a reason to stop by your store and refuel, but it usually takes longer to fill up at a charging station than a gas pump. This makes electric vehicle owners even more of a “captive” audience, if only you could get them in your store… 

Energizing Your Store’s Atmosphere 

Check out these great strategies for making your store inviting and memorable – they work even without the EV chargers. Implement them now, even if there’s only a chance you get EV chargers in the future. Worst-case scenario, you’ve improved your customer experience, and your store will still be a great place to stop! 

Get Them in the Door: Once someone is in your parking lot, you need to get them into your store if you want to make extra sales. Making a great first impression by having a clean parking lot certainly helps here – after all, if a store’s parking lot is dirty, anyone would think the same of the inside. Make sure your staff is trained to clean the parking lot and your store’s exterior just as well as they clean the inside, and your store will be much more welcoming. 

Give Customers a Great Experience: Once EV customers are in your store, the real show begins. Just like with any other customer, you’re always aiming to foster a great experience. Remember to make sure you and your team are on the same page. Things like having clean restrooms are standard for good store experiences, but there are areas where you can go above and beyond. A friendly staff and excellent food service can go a long way in separating you from competitors – especially when compared to any other stores with EV chargers. 

See the Results: With a great in-store experience, you’ll become a destination for your customers when they’re on a long car ride and need to recharge their batteries – literally and figuratively. Plus, you and your team can work on leveraging the excellent customer experience to see better profits, and benefit the entire store.  

Set Your Store Up for Success 

Installing EV chargers is one thing, but putting in the work to have a great store experience and great customer service to back it up, is another. Make sure your team is trained and ready to put their best foot forward with customers.! An easy way to ensure a well-trained team is by taking advantage of a great learning management system. trainingGrid® LMS is built to standardize your training, help you track your team’s progress through the curriculum, manage their compliance with state and local laws, and keep everyone on the same page. 

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