AI: Just How Convenient is It?


Artificial intelligence has come a long way in a short time, and it’s taking hold in every industry. Convenience stores have a lot to gain from embracing this new technology. Using AI in convenience stores can help your employees become more efficient, which is a potential lifesaver in an industry that often struggles with retention. 

Opportunities for AI in Convenience Stores 

There are multiple areas of your store where AI can have a positive impact. Consider taking advantage of AI to: 

Monitor Your Store

Using AI in conjunction with your security cameras allows you to determine how many people are in your store at a given time, monitor how that changes throughout the day, and collect similar data. You could also think a little more outside the box.  

One option would be to set up cameras to keep an eye on your products. Then you can use AI software to let you know when you’re out of stock on certain items. You could also set up alerts to help keep your team in the loop with how many products are on the warmers, in the cooler, or on the shelves. This can be especially helpful when employees are stationed on the other side of the store or might not get the chance to check inventory during a rush. 

Recognize and Adapt to Trends

Using AI to react when inventory is low or sold out is just one possibility. You can also use it to plan ahead. Use that data you gathered on customer traffic or product sales to let the program identify patterns and forecast ahead. It might notice things you don’t; trends that could save your employees a lot of time. Maybe there’s a spike in the amount of coffee sold at certain times on certain days; the AI can identify this and alert your employees so they know to start making coffee twenty minutes ahead of the rush. By taking advantage of AI solutions to prepare your team, you could save them the stress that results from reacting to a rush too late. 

Listen to the Culture Convenience for More AI Insights 

Episode 126 of our Culture of Convenience podcast is all about AI! Guest Susan Sly, CEO of The Pause Technologies and Top Women in AI Finalist, shares her insights about the future of AI pertaining to the convenience store industry, possible applications, and more. 

Listen to the episode now! 

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