Training Increases Retention at Convenience Stores


Everyone wants to make a good first impression, and that extends to businesses and stores, too. Many convenience stores are struggling with retaining their employees, especially after the Great Resignation, and these first impressions are often part of the problem. If an employee’s first couple days on the job are too tough or stressful, they may start looking for another job after only a couple weeks or a few months. So, if businesses want to see improved retention rates, one of the first places to look is their onboarding process, especially how they’re training their employees. 

Make the First Days Count 

While getting to know the company is vital for onboarding, many companies focus too much on that rather than teaching employees how to be successful at their jobs. This can be a costly mistake, because by the time that associate gets to their workstation, they may not be properly trained on how to perform their job. This lack of experience can lead to frustration very early on in their relationship with the business.   

While a learning management system, or LMS, has many benefits, making sure each and every employee knows how to do their job is one of the biggest. Blended learning can also leave a deeper impression and better prepare your employees to be productive. 

If your employees are ready and prepared to do their jobs, you can avoid a lot of unhappiness that could ruin their first days at work. Plus, once everything gets off to a smooth start, your employees might even envision themselves moving up the ranks of the store or company instead of hoping to find a new job in a month or two. 

Once your employees are engaged, and ready to move up the ladder, a good training strategy can prepare them for the next stage in their career. It’s important to remember that training is a career-long process, not only used at the start. Otherwise, the same discontent of not knowing how to do their job could appear after they gain new duties from a promotion, and you have the same problem as before. Encourage your employees to think of their training programs as gears to their careers, with every individual topic working together to move them forward. This perspective is vital if you want to increase retention throughout your entire convenience store operation. 

What You Must Do 

Having an efficient, effective method for training new hires is the first step in boosting retention in your convenience store. When you give your employees that extra help early in their career and offer more training as they grow, you will build a strong and stable workforce for your convenience store. 

Convenience Store Training 

The right training prepares your employees for the challenges they face on the job. Our convenience store training programs teach the skills your employees need to succeed. 

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