Orientation Success


You never get a second chance to make a first impression – this is true with your convenience store customers and also with new employees who are just starting their career with you. A successful orientation program is an important first start of an employee’s time with you.

Start Employees Off Right

New employees may be apprehensive about what to expect. At the beginning of orientation, tell employees what they’ll learn. Encourage them to ask you questions as you go. Remember, a warm and friendly orientation lets the newest member of the team know you’re glad they’re on board.

Benefits of Orientation

There are many benefits of a successful orientation program:

  • Knowledge consistency: Your orientation program ensures that all employees start out with the same information. This is important for customer service, and is also critical for safety and compliance guidelines. Online learning management systems improve consistency in training.
  • Training success: An effective orientation program sets the stage for successful training throughout the employee’s career with you. Use your orientation program to introduce your new hires to the training methods they can expect to encounter as they grow in their jobs.
  • Staff retention: Effective orientation programs reduce employee turnover by inspiring confidence, encouraging skill development, and re-affirming the employee’s decision to accept a position with you.
  • Sense of belonging. New employees may have a hard time fitting into your team at first. You can alleviate some of this by making sure your orientation program includes information on industry-specific language and convenience store teamwork.

Your Role in Orientation

As a convenience store manager and effective leader, your words and actions mean a great deal during a new employee’s first days on the job. Make the most out of this time from the very moment new employees walk through your doors by welcoming them and letting them know you’re happy they chose to work at your store.

Convenience Store Training for Orientation Success

The right training prepares your employees for the challenges they face on the job. Our convenience store training programs teach the skills your employees need to succeed.

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