What’s the Value of Teamwork in a C-store?


“Teamwork makes the dream work.” That’s a popular expression, but what does it really mean? It’s easiest to explain teamwork using a sports analogy. Take baseball, for example. Each player on the team has a different role on the field. The strengths – and weaknesses – of each player are unique, but they all have the same goal of winning the game. Individual efforts of team members contribute to the team’s success, but they won’t reach their goal unless they work together. The same is true of teamwork in a c-store.

Who Benefits from Teamwork?

When teamwork is running effectively in your store, the benefits are multi-layered.

  • First, each member of the team benefits. After all, life is a team sport. Working on a team helps employees learn important skills that not only make them better employees, but better people, too.
  • Next up, managers benefit. Effective teamwork in a c-store makes day-to-day operations run more smoothly.
  • Finally, the business as a whole benefits from teamwork. When employees feel like they are part of a team, they’re more supportive of each other and morale is higher. This, in turn, reduces turnover costs and improves your bottom line.

How Teamwork in a C-Store Affects Customers

The benefits of teamwork at your convenience store expand beyond your internal people and business. A lack of teamwork means slower service, more mistakes, rude staff, and a negative customer experience. If employees are non-supportive, resentful, and unwilling to go above and beyond, the people who suffer most are your customers. You can have the best promotion, location, or prices in town, but if your customers are greeted by indifferent employees, your opportunity for repeat traffic walks right out the door.

Invest in Team Training

Effective teamwork in a c-store doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, planning, and a dedication to ongoing team training. A well-trained staff not only helps your employees improve hard skills, like handling cash and stocking the shelves, it also improves soft skills such as communication and trust.

Wise Words from the Babe

If you’re still wondering about the value of teamwork in a c-store, remember the words of Babe Ruth: “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.”

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