Taking the Stigma Out of Convenience Careers

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Attracting qualified new employees is difficult for everyone right now, and convenience stores have an even bigger challenge to overcome. Whether we like it or not, working in the industry has a stigma to it that might mean job seekers don’t even consider open positions at your store. Correcting common misconceptions about convenience store jobs may be the difference between having a productive team or being chronically under-staffed.

5 Myths About Working in Convenience Stores

1. “Convenience store workers are often unskilled and uneducated.”

While it may be true that not every convenience store employee has a college degree, that does not make them uneducated. And just because many convenience store jobs are entry level, that does not mean the employees filling those positions are unskilled. In truth, convenience store jobs require specialized training beyond what an employee would need in most any other retail position.

2. “This job is just a stepping stone until they find something better.”

For some employees, yes, this may be a job that earns them a short-term paycheck. Many others, though, take advantage of their company’s career development and management tracks to build promising futures in the convenience store industry. Every convenience store job has the potential for opportunities in management and beyond.

3. “Convenience store workers are lazy.”

This is a common misconception of retail workers in general, but anyone who thinks this has never really worked in a convenience store. Convenience store employees are far from lazy. It is the nature of the business to have fewer employees working per shift, which means each employee needs to be able to handle all aspects of the job at once – stocking merchandise, providing customer service, maintaining fuel islands, and anything else the job requires. They also need to be constantly vigilant on issues related to safety, age-restricted sales, scams, and crime.

4. “Convenience stores only offer part-time work.”

Some convenience store employees do only work part-time, but this is often by choice. Flexible scheduling with night and weekend shifts is a benefit for employees who may be working multiple jobs, attending school, or taking care of kids at home. That doesn’t mean full-time work isn’t available in convenience stores. Many employees, especially those working toward positions in store management, work full-time hours with benefits.

5. “Working in a convenience store is a dangerous job.”

Any job where you’re working with money and a cash register could make you a target for robberies. While there is some element of danger involved, there have also been improvements in preparing for dangerous situations. Employees today receive training on robbery deterrence and how to stay safe if a situation arises. Advances in technology have also improved overall safety in convenience stores.

Benefits of Working in a Convenience Store

Whether it’s a first job, a temporary part-time job to pay the bills, or a lifelong career choice, there are many benefits to working in the convenience industry. When you’re recruiting new employees, address common misconceptions about convenience store jobs, and sell the truth about working in the industry. Be sure to hit these high points:

  1. Allows for a flexible work schedule: A flexible schedule is perfect for those employees who are still in school or have family schedules to work around.
  2. Provides experience with people from all backgrounds: Regardless of whether an employee plans to move on to another career, or stay within the convenience store industry, working in a convenience store provides them with unlimited experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and a variety of personalities.
  3. Builds good foundation for career experience: Working in the convenience industry provides all employees with a great foundation for whatever career they may choose. Employees gain a variety of skills that can be used in nearly any industry.
  4. Offers growth and career advancement: The convenience industry not only offers great entry level career opportunities for employees just starting out, but there’s a lot of opportunity for growth within your company and within the industry.

Convenience Store Training

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