How to Win with Industry Specific Training


​Not all training is created equal. In your convenience store, your employee training program must cover a wide array of content to serve everyone from new hires to managers. You have to consider compliance and human resources issues as well customer service and marketing topics. Do all these training courses need to be industry specific? That depends.

Benefits of Industry Specific Training

It’s okay to offer some courses that are not specific to the convenience store industry, as long as the training makes it easy for employees to connect the dots between the generic content and their real-world jobs. That’s easier to do with some topics than with others. Consider these benefits of training that is specific to the convenience store industry:

  • Exposes employees to industry specific lingo. Every industry has its own set of words and phrases that employees new to the industry may find confusing. When your training programs include industry jargon, or you train specifically on industry lingo, employees will gain a more comprehensive understanding of how your store operates.
  • Keeps you in compliance with industry-specific laws. The convenience store industry operates under very specific compliance regulations related to everything from age-restricted sales to safety at the pump. The more specific you can get with your compliance training, the more likely your employees will be able to implement what they learn on the job.
  • Encourages career development. Think of training as a cheerleader for your industry. As employees learn more about the specific strategies to run the business, they’ll be able to see themselves on a clear career path that keeps them with your operation.
  • Emphasizes your unique customer experience. What customers want from a convenience store is much different than what they want when they walk into a large retail outlet or shop online. If you choose generic customer service training for your employees, it won’t cover important topics specific to convenience stores such as category management or fuel service.

Beyond Industry Specific Training

Some of your employee training content may need to go beyond being industry specific. There are many levels of custom training to consider that may be appropriate for some of your employee training courses.

Convenience Store Terms – Teach Your Employees to Talk the Talk

Our Talk the Talk: Convenience Store Industry Terms training course is a lesson in lingo that was developed specifically for convenience stores. Using true-to-life examples and interactive activities, employees will learn important industry terminology that will set them up for success at your store. Click here to watch a preview and learn more.

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