From Boomers to GenZ: The Future of the C-Store Workforce


If you’re like most convenience store managers, your workforce might look like a multi-generational family tree. It’s common for c-stores to employ people of all different ages and generations, from Baby Boomers to GenZ. All these employees have some things in common, such as the desire to be part of a team and solid Early Success training from their onboarding. Your challenge in bridging the generation gaps is to take the time to zero in on what makes each of your employees tick, and what ticks them off. Let’s take a look at the 4 Rs that will help you be effective at managing multi-generational workforce.

Baby Boomers: Respect

With members of the baby boomer generation working in your store, it all boils down to one single word: respect. Whether they’ve taken a job with you because they’re broke or bored, their life experience has earned them an extra dose of respect.



  • Entitled co-workers
  • Gossipy environment
  • Too much technology

Gen Xers: Reciprocity

You get what you give with this group of employees. Born between 1965 and 1980, these folks are around middle age with a good amount of work experience under their belts. Many are raising families or new to an empty nest. Most are juggling various responsibilities.



  • Lack of feedback
  • Feeling “dumped on”
  • Overly authoritative management

Millennials: Recognition

Millennials are growing up, and are poised to take over the job market. They have a good amount of life and work experience under their belts now, and many are moving into management positions. They’re connected to their communities and they value being part of a team.


  • Recognition and praise
  • Light competition and incentives
  • Technology-based training, followed up with consistent mentoring


  • Hearing about the past…especially yours
  • Workaholism
  • Disparaging comments about their generation’s tastes and styles

GenZ: Responsibility

Riding on the coattails of Millennials, GenZ is tired of hearing that the younger generation is entitled. As the youngest employees you may have, they’re striving for independence. Research shows that they are resourceful, adept at multi-tasking, and eager to be given responsibilities.


  • Opportunities to take on more responsibility
  • Realism over idealism
  • Technology-based everything, from systems to training


  • Any invasion of their privacy
  • Lack of appreciation for individualism
  • Generalized criticism

Remember the 4 Rs when managing multiple generations: Respect, Reciprocity, Recognition, and Responsibility. Employees of all generations need you to show them some of each of these strategies, some more than others.

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