5 Tips for Effective Compliance Training


Compliance training… a necessary evil or a critical business strategy? Honestly, it’s a little bit of both. Topics such as PCI rules, age-restricted sales, harassment, security, and food safety are important to the long-term success of your operation. When your employees are well trained on these and other compliance issues related to c-stores, you’re protecting them, your customers, and your business. Follow these tips to make your compliance training stick.

Track Your Training Online

It isn’t enough for your employees to just complete compliance training, they need to show they understand it. Just as important, you and others in training administration roles need to be able to track it. Use a learning management system to assign, assess, and track online compliance training courses.

Keep It Simple

There’s a place for training with things like gamification and virtual reality, but compliance training isn’t it. Use simple language, short training sessions, and clear assessment strategies to keep learners engaged in online training.

Make It Relevant

While some compliance topics may seem universal, the more relevant your courses are to the convenience store industry, the more quickly your staff will be able to make the leap from learning to doing. Shorten the learning curve by choosing e-Learning compliance courses that are designed for your industry.

Used Blended Learning

Online learning is the most efficient way to train, and it’s most effective when it’s followed by real-world on-the-job training. For compliance topics, this means having mentoring programs and manager check-ins to ensure what employees learn online is being applied on the job.

Recognize and Reward Successes

Everyone is motivated by recognition. When employees complete their training – and even more importantly, when you witness them applying it appropriately – recognize and reward them. Doing this publicly will help keep the subject top-of-mind for everyone.

Online Compliance Training for C-Stores

From compliance topics to customer service, the training needs of c-stores are unique, and your training should reflect that. Click here to learn more about the trainingGrid®​ Learning Management System, built just for you.

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