Convenience Store Recruitment Tactics to Grow Your Team


Convenience stores rely on front-line employees to promote products, make sales, and deliver exceptional service. Finding the best employees to fulfill these roles can be tough, especially in today’s job market. If you’re having trouble finding the right employees for your c-store positions, consider these recruitment tactics.

5 C-Store Recruitment Tactics

Create a personality profile for the ideal recruit. List out the traits great employees must have, rather than the skills they need to bring to the table. Focus on the attitude, not the aptitude, of potential employees. Skills can be developed. But without a good attitude, employees won’t be as open to learning more, being coached, and applying themselves.

Go where your best employees hang out. Think about your top three to five employees from the past few years. Were they students, retirees, stay-at-home moms? Think outside the box to recruit employees where they are most likely to be, whether that’s a bridge club, toddler dance class, or study group. And, of course, don’t forget social media channels where you can target Now Hiring ads to specific audiences.

Start (or re-vamp) your referral program. Many c-stores already offer a referral program where an employee can earn a little bonus for referring a new employee who sticks around for a while. If you don’t have something like this, get it started. If you do, but you’re not seeing the results you’d like, survey your employees to find out what changes are needed to make it work.

Look in other industries. You already know that you’re competing with other industries for the best employees, so you might as well actively recruit that way also. Always keep some special business cards handy that say something like “I noticed your commitment to customer service today. Thank you for going the extra mile! If you’re looking for a career change, please contact me.” Hand them out whenever you receive excellent service anywhere. Not only will you make that person’s day, you may just find your next star employee.

Ask your customers. Some of the best c-store job candidates are often standing right in front you. Customers who are pleasant, friendly and show good communication skills may be a good fit, or know someone who is. Putting a job posting next to the register isn’t enough – personally talk to some of your best customers to let them know you’re looking for the right candidates to join your team.

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