If You’re Not Cross Training, You’re Doing it Wrong


In the convenience store industry, flexibility isn’t just helpful, it’s a job requirement. That’s why cross training is so important. When employees are trained for more than one position, it allows you to quickly handle staffing shortages and unexpected busy times. The benefits of cross-training don’t just apply to you – they also help your employees.

How Employees Benefit from Cross Training

When employees are trained in multiple positions, they gain more than just knowledge. Cross-training also offers these benefits to employees:

  • They feel more connected to the team and the store as a whole. When employees are all working toward a common goal, teamwork will flourish.
  • They gain an appreciation for the challenges in other positions. Sometimes, a fresh perspective is the only way to help employees appreciate other viewpoints.
  • They create a career path. Cross-training can open employees’ eyes to the long-term career opportunities available in the convenience store industry.
  • They develop camaraderie with more of their teammates. Sometimes, employees get stuck in the bubble of their own tasks and don’t interact with each other. When they’re trained in multiple positions, they get to know others on their team.

How to Use Your LMS to Cross Train

Employers used to shy away from in-depth cross-training because it was hard to justify the time investment. Either that, or employees would get pushed into positions they weren’t ready for, only to fall short of expectations. Online learning management systems make it much easier to develop a cross-training program. Use your LMS to develop custom learning paths for each employee. That way, employees will be prepared to competently pitch in wherever you need them, whenever you need them.

Cross Training with Online Convenience Store Courses

An online convenience store training program should be the foundation of your cross-training efforts. trainingGrid®​ is an LMS developed with you and your employees in mind. Its intuitive design makes learning management simple and allows employees to begin training with just a click. This flexible system comes with a variety of robust features customizable to fit your needs in addition to built-in reporting and certification tools that track your compliance documentation.

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