Customer Loyalty Starts with Employee Training

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How you treat your employees determines how they’ll treat your customers. When you provide a comprehensive employee training program, it has a direct impact on customer service. Here’s how:

Employee training expands competencies. A competency is the ability of an employee to implement knowledge in real-world job situations. Training isn’t about simply transferring knowledge from an online training program to an employee’s consciousness. It’s about getting an employee from knowing to doing.

Employee training sets expectations. Training is the most effective way to clearly define the expectations you have of your c-store employees. When you drill down to training basics, your training program is a list of your expectations. Requiring customer service training, for example, tells your employees that you expect them to deliver customer service that meets – or better yet, exceeds – the standards covered and assessed in your training.

Employee training increases morale. It’s human nature for employees to want to be a part of something. When they’re working as part of a cohesive team, they share in a common goal to serve your customers. A good training program negates the us-versus-them mentality and promotes teamwork. It’s no secret that happy employees lead to happy customers. Your convenience store training sets the tone.

Employee training reduces turnover. No matter the topic, training engages your employees. It tells learners, “Not only is this topic worthy of our attention, you’re worthy of learning it.” Study after study shows that engaged employees become brand ambassadors for your business and stick around, even when there may be more money to be earned elsewhere. Industry studies show that companies with high employee engagement double their customer loyalty numbers.

Online Employee Training to Promote Customer Loyalty

While customer service training is of course critical to customer loyalty, many other topics move the dial on repeat business as well. A comprehensive training program covers topics from service and merchandising to safety and compliance. Our Early Success Online Training Series is a comprehensive program that covers a wide variety of topics important to your operation. Click here to learn more.

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