The Great Eight for Foodservice Program Success


When it comes to the foodservice program you offer in your convenience store, customers aren’t too demanding. All they really want is what you’ve suspected all along — a quick bite to eat. But they can get that anywhere. Why should they choose your place over the others? Follow The Great Eight to establish a good foodservice program in your c-store that keeps customers coming back.

Speed. It’s your customers’ number one demand. You are a convenience store, after all. You might offer the best sandwiches in town, but if your customers have to wait in too long of a line to get their food and get back on the road, you’ve lost them.

Accuracy. If you offer made-to-order items, be sure your staff is trained to truly make them to order — the right way, the first time. If a mistake is made, training is key again; customers will forgive an error only if you make up for it with good service.

Quality. High quality is a given. With today’s demanding consumers, that means more than just hot food hot, cold food cold. Trends show that consumers want quality proteins, fresh ingredients, and better breads. If you don’t offer it, the store down the street will.

Value. If customers wanted a steak, they’d spend the extra time and money to get one. We’re talking pizza, hot dogs, and sandwiches here. In the eyes of customers, there’s no excuse for high prices or poor quality. Control your costs and offer regular customers additional values.

Consistency. No matter how many times a customer visits your store, in their minds your operation is only as good as their last experience. Keep quality and service consistent.

Service. Every action your employees take has an impact on customer satisfaction. Whether it’s positive or negative depends on your staff’s training and execution.

Atmosphere. You already know it’s important to keep your store clean. When you start focusing on a foodservice program, however, cleanliness really is next to godliness.

Personalization. No one expects your store to be the convenience store equivalent of Cheers. Even so, your customers crave personal attention. A smile. Eye contact. Conversation. Train your staff to treat your customers like friends.

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