Safety First: Keeping Your Cleaning Record Spotless


Having a clean store is not only one of the best ways to keep customers happy and coming back, but also a great way to ensure your store is safe for both customers and employees. But are your employees keeping things as clean as they should be, and more importantly, do they know how to do so? 

Problem Spots for Clean Stores

Some spots are easier to clean than others. Many employees already know how to clean counters and dishes, since they clean those outside of work as well. But do they know the best way to clean things specific to a convenience store, such as an entire parking lot? Here are a few areas where they may need extra training: 

Trash Cans – Trash cans in stores are usually bigger than the ones most people use at home, so they can pose a new challenge to your employees. Whether the trash cans are inside or outside of your store also influences what needs to be done. Having overly dirty or full trash cans will leave a bad impression on your customers, so remember to train your employees on how to keep them clean 

Floors – While many of your employees have cleaned floors before their employment with you, store floors can often be more complicated to clean due to any floor mats you might have, different surfaces within the store, or the risk of messier spills in kitchen areas. A dirty floor can lead to slips and falls, and that’s certainly not what you want happening to either your employees or customers. 

Parking Lots – Cleaning a large commercial parking lot can be an extremely daunting task for the unprepared, but it is incredibly important. The parking lot is one of the first things your customers see when they arrive, and if they see your parking lot is full of trash or otherwise unwelcoming, they might just keep driving.   

General Cleanliness 

Cleaning in and around your store is necessary to ensure the safety of your employees and customers from potential risks like slips and falls or food poisoning, as well as keeping your store attractive to customers. Training with a learning management system, or LMS, will help ensure all employees receive the same training and understand all processes and policies. Plus, implementing blended learning will help increase training retention as well.  

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