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Phone Skills Training for Today’s C-store Employees

Sep 13, 2017 | Management, Training

With so many alternate ways to communicate in today’s digital age, the phone line at your convenience store might be ringing less and less. It will still ring, though. When it does, it’s important your employees know how to handle calls. Keep in mind that some of your younger employees may not have any experience with land line phone systems. Make sure your phone skills training answers the following questions.

How do I answer the phone?

Believe it or not, you may have employees who don’t know how to answer a phone without a tap or a swipe. Make sure employees understand the basic functions of your phone system, including answering, putting callers on hold, and hanging up.

What greeting do I use when I answer the phone?

Your phone skills training should include opportunities for employees to practice your store’s standard greeting. Use role-playing or mystery calling to make sure every employee practices what they’ve learned.

What do I do if the phone rings and I’m helping someone at the register?

It’s important to deliver exceptional service to everyone, but you should teach employees that the person in front of them is their top priority. Proper phone etiquette dictates that employees excuse themselves from the customer, answer the phone professionally, then politely ask the caller to hold.

How do I take a message?

Part of every good phone skills training program is how to take a comprehensive message. Train employees to write down the date, time, caller’s name, caller’s number, a brief message, and their own name for reference. This skill will help employees leave complete messages, too.

C-Store Employees Need Phone Skills Training

The Phone Etiquette online phone skills training module is part of the Customer Service Workshop by Ready Convenience which covers important customer service skills employees need to provide exceptional service and create customer loyalty. Watch the video below or click here to learn more.


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