Train Your Staff with the 6 Cs of Robbery Protocol


As an owner or manager, it’s important that you take all necessary steps to prevent a robbery from happening. Even with the best prevention strategies, though, you can’t completely protect your store. You can, however, make sure your staff is prepared for the worst. All employees should go through robbery preparation training, and you should follow up with informal mentoring, role-playing, and frequent exercises. Reviewing the Six Cs of Robbery Protocol is a quick and easy refresher for c-store employees. Take a look:

6 Cs of Robbery Protocol for C-Store Employees

#1 – Calm. If someone approaches you with the intention of robbing the store, stay calm. This will certainly be easier said than done, but it’s critical to your safety. If you panic, the robber’s adrenaline will rise even higher and could lead to tragedy.

#2 – Communicate. Listen to what the robber is asking you to do.

#3 – Cooperate. No one expects you to be a hero in a robbery. Your safety and the safety of customers in the store is the number one priority. Give the robbers what they want.

#4 – Close and call. As soon as the robbers leave the building, lock the door and call 9-1-1. Once emergency personnel arrive, call your manager.

#5 – Control. Once you’re safe and the threat of robbery is over, take control of your emotions and the surroundings. Do not conduct any business, and do not touch anything. If other customers are in the store, ask for their patience while you wait for the police to arrive. Do not give out any information, except to police and company management.

#6 – Confide. Being the victim of robbery is a traumatic experience that can be difficult to process. Talk about your feelings. If you need help, talk to your manager or HR department.

Robbery Protocol Training Online

The Ready Convenience Loss Prevention Training Workshop covers general loss prevention and robbery deterrence strategies. Watch the video below or click here for more information.

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