Technology Solutions for 2020 and Beyond

Nov 5, 2020 | Management

Quickly adapting to change has been the mainstay of 2020 for essential convenience stores and many other retailers. For many, adaptation has been rooted in both old-school ingenuity and swift implementation of new or advancing technology. While many stores were constructing clear barriers at the register with supplies they could find at the local hardware store, they were also looking at what technology solutions were available to help keep their customers and employees safe.

Will It Stay or Will It Go?

By now, most have accepted that many changes in the way we live, learn, and shop aren’t just temporary. Many technology solutions are here for the long haul, too, including these:

Contactless Pay

Consumers were showing an increased interest in contactless pay options prior to 2020, but health concerns catapulted this technology solution to the front of the line. According to the State of Retail Payments study conducted for the National Retail Federation, contactless payments have increased for 69 percent of retailers surveyed. Additionally, 94 percent of retailers surveyed expected the increase to continue in the future.

Apps for pickup and delivery

Many stores are also adopting pickup and delivery service, either through their own custom store app or through a 3rd party partner. This is another trend that was heading upward prior to 2020, fueled mostly by younger consumers. Demand for more healthy and convenient food service selections seem to go hand-in-hand with the popularity of pickup and delivery options.

Online Learning

The use of online learning for training new and existing employees is another trend that was on a steep upward slope prior to 2020. The need for fewer in person meetings and more efficient training increased adoption of learning management systems and online convenience store courses.

Mobile Devices for Team Members

As you adopt technology solutions for contactless payment, pickup, and delivery, it may be necessary for your team members to have extended online access through mobile devices. Providing this level of technology for your employees ensures digital store business is being conducted through secure methods. It also gives you options to improve virtual team communication and ensure all your employees have the information they need to serve customers safely and effectively.

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