How to Turn Your Future Vision into Reality

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Where do you see the performance of your store in six months, one year, or even five years? Having a future vision for your convenience store helps you focus on changes you can get started on right now. Change can be challenging, though, and not just for you. Even your most motivated employees might struggle with change. How can you go through the process of working toward your future vision while keeping morale high? Check out these tips to effectively manage change:

Change with a purpose. Initiate change only when it will make you more productive or profitable.

Chart a course, but don’t fly solo. It might be tempting to sit by yourself to outline the changes you need to create your future vision. Your success, however, hinges on getting people at all levels involved from the beginning.

Reward innovation. Let all employees know that ideas are welcome and encouraged. Respond to suggestions promptly and award suggestions that pay off.

Go slow. Choose one significant change at a time. After your team’s completely implemented the change, move on to others. Their confidence will make the next change go more smoothly.

Implementing a New Vision

Your future goals should be both clear and attainable. Show employees how the change you’re implementing will help the store reach its goals, provide career opportunities, and create a stable work environment. Here are a few ideas to keep your vision top-of-mind:

  • Post it. If your vision statement isn’t where every employee can see it every day, move it.
  • Get real. Make sure everyone gets it: this vision is the direction your big boat of an operation is heading and any bad days are just rocky waters.
  • Analyze this. How can you navigate with your vision statement? Get your crew on board with brainstorming sessions. Take apart each section of your vision statement and ask the group to brainstorm concrete tactics that each department could employ to make this vision a reality.

From everyday procedures to your overall vision for the future, the best way to implement change and motivate your team members to do the same is to change yourself first. As Thoreau put it, “Things do not change… we change.”

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