Are Your Employees Getting the Support They Need?


You do a lot to support your employees. After all, employees that feel supported are happier at work, and those benefits extend from their own wellbeing to the overall atmosphere and operations of your convenience store. But how can you make sure that your efforts are effective, and not just surface-level? 

How to Support Your Employees 

While every employee might like something a little different, here are some general ways that you can support your employees: 

  • Employee Recognition – Recognizing your employees for a job well done can help morale quite a bit. This helps your employees know they have a role to play in your store, and they can have an impact.  
  • Employee Appreciation – Going even farther than recognition, you’re letting employees know that not only are they members of the team, but they’re also valued in their roles.  It doesn’t always have to be a huge deal, smaller gestures of appreciation still count, and they will be appreciated in turn. Tips for employee appreciation: Be timely and specific when recognizing employees’ actions, and match the reward to the achievement. 
  • Help Out Your Employees – Perhaps the most straightforward method here, lending a helping hand to your employees can do wonders for their morale and productivity. When they get stuck with a task they’re unsure of how to complete, they won’t be stuck there for long. This support can help your employees learn and grow in their roles so they may not need help next time. 

Providing All-Around Support 

But even if you already employ some or all these methods for supporting your employees you should still ask yourself if they are being supported throughout their entire role. Do the programs and software you use in the stores support them in the same way as you do? Having an ecosystem that complements itself like that can really help you go above and beyond in this respect.   

A great example, and something that every employee – even the managers – has experience with is employee training. Is your learning management system (LMS) equipped to properly support your employees? A good learning management system should come with the tools needed to support users, like helpful guides on how to use the platform. An LMS should also be easy to use and have a good support team behind it if the help guides aren’t enough. Certain tools, like interactive guides, are even better, since they can help teach users how to do something by walking them through the steps.   

Introducing Sidekick for the trainingGrid® LMS 

trainingGrid® is an LMS developed with you and your employees in mind. Its intuitive design makes learning management simple and allows employees to begin training with just a click. In addition to a variety of robust features, this flexible system now comes with Sidekick, an interactive guide to help you and your employees use the platform more effectively. 

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