Serving Your Internal Customers


You’ve probably already heard about the customer service training philosophy focused on the acronym GUEST. It teaches convenience store employees how to treat customers like the most important people in the store. As a convenience store manager, you should also be extending the GUEST technique to your internal customers – your employees.

GUEST for Convenience Store Management

Use the acronym GUEST to serve your internal customers. Take a look:

G stands for Greet – Make your employees feel welcome in your store on every shift. This goes beyond simply saying hello when you see them. Create a productive work environment that people want to be a part of.

U is for Understand – It’s been said that the biggest communication problem is that we listen to reply, rather than to understand. From scheduling to career development, find out what your employees need from you. Even if you can’t always deliver it, employees will be more loyal when they feel heard.

E is for Eye-contact – Non-verbal communication often speaks louder than words. Making eye contact is a sign of respect. It lets the person you’re talking to know that they have your undivided attention. Avoid negative non-verbal signals that may contradict eye contact, such as furrowed brows and crossed arms.

S stands for Speed of Service – While you might not typically think of providing “service” to your employees, you should be. You are the leader of a team, and a team can’t stay focused on team goals without quick responses to any issues that come up. Make time for your internal customers the same way you do for external customers.

T is for Thank YouEmployees deserve recognition, and nothing says it better than a sincere “thank you.” Be genuine, timely, and specific with your gratitude. Your internal customers are just as important as those that purchase from you, so show them the same level of appreciation.

Remember, how you treat your employees determines how they’ll treat your customers.

GUEST Training for Your Internal Customers

To train your employees on the Be Our GUEST customer service philosophy, click here for more information and a preview.


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