How to Make Online Training Work in Your Convenience Store


Most convenience store managers look to online training as a way to help streamline their employee development programs. The benefits of online employee training, however, do not happen automatically. Creating a successful training program for online delivery requires implementing best practices that help ensure benefits are realized.

Benefits and Best Practices of Online Training

Benefit: Training your employees online means everyone receives a consistent message. Best practice: Keep your training up-to-date at all times. With the right system, updates are easy to make. Most learning management systems also include functionality for you to store and distribute company documents, further providing a consistent message to all employees.

Benefit: Training online is cheaper per trainee than live training. Best practice: Use your online learning program as the foundation of knowledge for your employees, but don’t expect it replace all other forms of training. It’s critical for you to continue on-the-job training and mentoring. A blended training approach works best.

Benefit: When you train your staff through an online learning management system, you can assess comprehension and track completion. Best practice: Many convenience stores use training online for compliance and human resources topics where tracking is critical. Use this same system to provide refresher training to help ensure your employees keep content points top-of-mind.

Benefit: With online training, you can create custom training paths for your employees based on their specific needs. Best practice: Training is never a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Use gap analyses, employee reviews, and one-on-one interaction with employees to find out what they want to learn to advance their careers. When you approach training this way, you’ll find it’s a key component of reducing staff turnover.

Benefit: Online learning administration is streamlined through a learning management system. Best practice: Be sure to leverage all the functionality that your LMS offers. Store managers, training administrators, and district managers should all be looking at your LMS metrics to gain valuable insight about employee development.

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