8 Workplace Hazards for Convenience Stores


Workplace hazards exist in every industry, with some types of jobs having more inherent risks than others. These eight hazards are some of the most common in the convenience store industry:

  • Lifting and handling inventory – improper lifting or lowering of products can cause sprains or strains, particularly in an employee’s back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Slips, trips, and falls – good housekeeping and maintenance can reduce the risk of these types of injuries for both your employees and your customers. Something as simple as a wrinkle in a floor mat can cause a serious fall. Inclement weather can also increase the risk of slips, trips, and falls.
  • Being struck by or against something – an example of this type of workplace hazard is a product falling off a shelf. Convenience store employees are at an additional risk of being struck by vehicles when they’re performing their duties in the parking lot and at the fuel pump.
  • Cuts from knives, box cutters, and other sharp objects – opening boxes of inventory or supplies seems simple, but these tasks are actually some of the most common and preventable workplace hazards.
  • Improper use of equipment – in convenience stores, the proper use of equipment such as ladders will reduce the risk of workplace injuries. If you offer fresh foodservice options, your employees may use equipment such as slicers or fryers that present their own unique hazards.
  • Chemical hazardsexposure to harmful chemicals is the fifth leading cause of death in the workplace. In convenience stores, two of the most dangerous workplace hazards related to chemicals include the improper use of cleaning solutions and fuel spills.
  • Biological hazards – as essential workers with continual exposure to the public, convenience store employees may be exposed to blood-borne pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Physical hazards – convenience store employees may be exposed to physical hazards, such as heat exhaustion and cold stress, while performing their outside duties.

Employee training is critical to reducing workplace injuries in your convenience store. Start with online training courses to set a solid foundation of safety awareness and best practices. Then, follow that up on the job with coaching, mentoring, and – most importantly – setting a good example.

Workplace Safety and Ladder Safety Online Courses

Reduce the risk of workplace hazards in your convenience store with these online training courses from Ready Training Online: Workplace Safety and Ladder Safety. Both courses are specific to convenience stores and are effective for new employees as well those who need a refresher course.

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