How to Manage Online Training


Training industry experts expect the growth of online training to continue, with over 77 percent of U.S. companies offering online training to employees in the near future. The challenge with eLearning is the misperception that an employee is completely trained after they finish an online course. While online trainees may have the information they need to move forward after completing a course online, they still need guidance related to the content. Follow these tips to effectively manage online training courses.

Create Customized Learning Paths for Each Employee

Every employee comes to you with different training needs. Some new employees have experience in c-stores or other retail environment, and some don’t. Some have the confidence and knowledge to start off the block quickly, others need more mentoring. That’s why it’s important to create a custom learning path for everyone. Your Learning Management System (LMS) should allow you to develop a standard set of courses for all learners, and then personalize a path for everyone.

Pay Attention to Re-scheduling and Re-Training

Some training topics require regular re-training. This is especially true with the many compliance topics related to the c-store industry. Not only do your employees need training refreshers regularly to keep the content top-of-mind, it’s also in your best interest to show a pattern of regular training for all your employees, just in case a compliance issue arises.

Monitor Training Reports for Learning Red Flags

A critical benefit of online training is the reporting available to managers and training administrators. Take advantage of it! If you’re in charge of managing online training at your store, monitor your training reports daily. A good LMS will have pre-built reports that you can customize and automate. Look for trends in the reports that might indicate if a particular topic – or a particular trainee – needs more attention.

Create Training Checkpoints and Management Sign-Offs

It’s up to managers and training administrators to ensure employees make the connection between what they learned online and what they need to do on the job. Use your LMS to schedule manager sign-offs and track on-the-job training. When you blend online training with real-life practice, your trainees will retain the information for the long term.

Recognize Training Successes

If an employee answered a question right in a live training session, you would tell them, “That’s right, good job!” You need to work the same kind of recognition into your online training program. Use your training admin reports to recognize employees for completing programs, acing exams, or completing certifications.

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