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Over 20 million propane tanks are sold in the United States each year. When a customer in your neighborhood has a tank on empty, you want them to think of your store first. Not only will you profit from the propane sales themselves, but every propane customer represents an opportunity for add-on products and repeat business. To get the most out of the propane exchange program at your convenience store, train your employees to deliver specialized service to propane customers.

Exceptional Customer Service Opportunities

When a customer visits your store for a propane tank or exchange, your employees have several opportunities to shine. Train your employees to treat all your customers like GUESTS. Here’s what that looks like for propane customers:

  • G is for Greet – acknowledge propane customers right away. Smile and make them feel welcome.
  • U is for Understand – some customers may be unfamiliar with your exchange program, so be prepared to explain the process.
  • E is for Eye Contact – propane is dangerous, and that may make some customers nervous. Display confidence through eye contact and positive body language.
  • S is for Speed of Service – propane customers may have a patio full of hungry people at home, so complete the sale or exchange as quickly as you can.
  • T is for Thank You – customers have a lot of options for propane, but they chose your Let them know you appreciate their business.

Loyalty Program Memberships

Your propane sales and exchange program can often bring in new customers or fuel-only customers who otherwise would not come into the store. Use this opportunity to describe the benefits of your loyalty program and create repeat business.

Suggestive Selling Add-Ons

While some propane customers are good planners, many don’t realize they’re out of propane until the burgers are on the grill. Train your convenience store staff to use suggestive selling techniques to recommend soda, chips, cookies, and any condiments you have in your food aisle.

Don’t Forget About Propane Safety!

Delivering exceptional customer service includes keeping your customers safe. Propane is highly flammable when mixed with oxygen and an ignition source. Be sure your staff is properly trained on propane safety, including explaining safety guidelines to customers. These include:

  • Propane tanks – either empty or full – cannot be inside the store. Not all customers will be aware of this rule, so if someone inadvertently bring as tank inside, calmly explain the safety issue and meet them outside at the propane cage.
  • No smoking is allowed around the propane tank.
  • Keep the tank upright and secured on the drive home.
  • Never leave the filled tank in a hot car.

Propane Safety Training

Ensure your convenience store employees are prepared to safely sell and exchange propane tanks with our Propane Safety online training module. This training covers critical safety guidelines to help employees safely handle, store, and sell propane. Employees also learn the steps required to complete a propane transaction while focusing on both safety and customer service. Click here for a preview.

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