Top 10 Leadership Development Goals for Convenience Store Leaders


Effective leadership isn’t stagnant. It’s dynamic, constantly fluctuating and shifting with the needs of its environment. In order to change and grow stronger in your skills as a convenience store leader, you need to define your own leadership development goals. Be smart about your goals – in addition to a goal statement, name at least one supportive action. Here’s a top 10 list to get you started.

  1. Make more mistakes. To improve, you have to try new things. And when you try new things, you’re bound to make a mistake or two. That’s okay. Failure is just another word for opportunity. Action: The next time I implement a new procedure, I will survey my team to find out what went well and what didn’t. Then, I will create an action plan to improve the areas that need it.
  2. Recognize excellence (or even the pursuit of it). Your people contribute to your success every day. Recognition is a powerful motivator to continue positive behavior. Action: I will recognize and thank employees every day for their contributions toward store goals.
  3. Establish yourself as a role model. Your actions determine your employees’ actions. You are a leader in both your management style and your work ethic. Action: I will recall a difficult situation I had with a customer. Did I handle the issue following the conflict resolution techniques I’ve trained my staff to follow? If not, talk to staff members who were present about how I could have handled things differently.
  4. Create your own learning path. You already know that training your c-store employees is critical to the success of your operation. Your own professional development is just as important. Action: I will subscribe to a blog or podcast or join a professional group that relates to my leadership development.
  5. Replace boss behavior with coach behavior. Coaches inspire loyalty rather than demanding it. When you operate as a coach, you have a team behind you, supporting your goals every step of the way. Action: I will shift my management techniques away from directing and telling and toward guiding and developing.
  6. Pursue and manage change. Change is the only constant in the convenience store business. As a leader, are you waiting for change to happen, or are you actively initiating change? The latter will have a greater impact. Action: I will conduct a gap analysis in my operation and initiate change to effectively fill those gaps.
  7. Manage time more effectively. Being busy is part of your job as a manager. There’s a big difference, though, between being busy and being productive. Action: Make at least one change to my time management strategy, such as prioritizing my to-do list or delegating particular tasks.
  8. Embrace new technology. With technology changing so fast these days, there are many tools that can support leadership development, such as learning management systems that streamline employee training. Action: I will sign up for at least one demo of a technology-based tool related to my day-to-day responsibilities.
  9. Practice collaboration. Collaboration is a skill that uses expert communication and problem-solving to move people toward a common goal. Action: I will identify at least one issue that requires collaboration and set a meeting to get the process started.
  10. Think strategically. You need to manage the details in order to get through the day, but don’t lose track of the big picture. Make sure your goals align with the company’s overall vision and mission. Action: I will post the company’s strategic vision, then make a list of concrete actions I can take to support those goals.

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