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Keeping Employees Motivated

Oct 8, 2020 | Management, Training

The last quarter of any year tends to bring a mix of reflection on the year so far and anticipation for new opportunities in the year to come. As we approach the end of 2020, we all have more to reflect on than ever before and a great deal of uncertainty about what’s ahead. This is especially true for convenience stores and other essential employers. You and your staff have been through unprecedented challenges in the past several months. Keeping employees motivated going into a new year is critical to starting the new year off right. Let’s take it month by month.

October is a good month to remind employees about the importance of teamwork. They’ve probably heard “we’re all in this together” multiple times, but now is the time for you to prove it. With the busy season right around the corner, spend this month making your team stronger. Bolster teamwork with cross-training and mentoring. Work in some fun team-building exercises to help employees get to know each other better. Remind team members what makes a convenience store team unique. Most importantly, be a coach, not a boss.

November is the perfect time of the year to focus on the needs of others. Employees want to work for companies that share their values and give back to their communities. When deciding how to serve your community during the holiday season, think beyond your store’s location. Ask your employees what needs exist where they live. Your community service efforts will play a role in keeping employees motivated when your efforts impact employees’ neighbors and family members.

December is one of the busiest months of the year for many people, but it’s also a good time to start conversations with employees about where they see themselves in a month, a year, or five years from now. Surveys suggest that one of the top reasons employees leave jobs is to move on to something more challenging. Providing individual career development plans can go a long way toward keeping employees motivated. When you take the time to talk to your employees about what they want, you can help them see opportunities for themselves at your store and within the broader convenience store industry.

How Training Keeps Employees Motivated

Your ongoing training program has a direct link to employee morale and retention. Training reduces turnover by improving an employee’s self-confidence, performance, and potential. Training specifically designed for convenience stores teach the skills your employees need to succeed.​

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