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​Convenience stores have traditionally competed with quick-serve and other restaurants for a fair share of food service business. As the demand for takeout meals continues to boom, your strategy to attract takeout guests must adapt to changes in the growing market. As you consider your options, be sure to stay true to the service principles that have helped you build a loyal customer base so far.

How G-U-E-S-T Applies to Takeout Customers

“Be our GUEST” is a customer service training philosophy that teaches convenience store employees how to treat customers like the most important people in the store. Let’s see how we can adapt that concept to provide exceptional customer service for takeout guests.

G stands for Greet – food service takeout guests are just as important as customers who come in for lottery tickets, their morning coffee, or any other in-store item. Even if customers are taking advantage of a contactless pickup system for takeout orders, acknowledge them with a quick and friendly greeting.

U is for Understand – customers who come in to your store for takeout may have different needs and expectations than other customers. For example, they may be looking for complementary items to go with their meal or they may need extra condiments or plasticware. Be proactive to exceed the expectations of your takeout guests.

E is for Eye-contact – Making eye contact and using positive body language tells customers they’re important to you. While interactions with takeout guests may be limited if you’re offering contactless or curbside pickup, find a way to let your guests know you see them and appreciate their business.

S stands for Speed of Service – Delivering convenience is part of your mission no matter what you’re selling. Takeout guests expect to get their order and be on their way quickly. Your takeout process must be focused on speed and accuracy.

T is for Thank You – Your takeout guests have many alternatives for a quick meal, but they chose your store. Thanking them is not only the right thing to do, it can go a long way toward building customer loyalty.

Customer Service Training for Convenience Stores Online

For more information on how to provide excellent customer service, check out our original Be Our Guest service training program online. Click here for more information and a preview.


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